Question: Are medical marijuana patient cards good for 2 years?

Answer: Yes, if it is stated on the front of your patient identification card. Always go by the expiration date on the front of your patient card. Since 2011 the Arizona Department of Health Services has been issuing patient, caregiver, and dispensary agent cards that must be renewed annually. House bill 1494 approved this summer by Governor Ducy changed that to a two-year card. Any application that is submitted and approved after August 27, 2019 will be issued a two-year card.

Many people still have a one-year card. 90 days before the card expiration a patient can renew their card. The new card will automatically be issued for two-years. Eventually everyone will have a two-year card.

The price has remained the same so now we can get a two- year card for the same price as a one-year card, making the cards more affordable.

Patients love the new two-year card because it saves them money. Doctors love the two-year card because patients are locked into a two- year period allowing the doctor to slowly decrease medications to avoid withdrawals. Dispensaries love the two-year card as it allows more time for the budtenders to work with patients to find the right dose and product. The tax man loves the industry as it does generate tax revenue.

What does this all mean? When a patient renews their card every two years, you will always need to bring a new medical record dated in the past 365 days. If you have not been to your own doctor in that two-year period, you can schedule an appointment with one of our doctors for a physical exam to create the required record that is required for the renewal or new patient certification.

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