Question: Should Seniors Use Medical Cannabis?

Answer: The fastest growing population of marijuana users in America is the elderly. The senior population in Arizona consists of 1/3 of the 150,000 registered medical cannabis patients.

Scientists and health professionals who study cannabis believe cannabis treats just under 700 symptoms and conditions. U.S. statistics: 57 people a day over age 65 die from prescription and OTC drug overdose and drug interaction: 25% fewer deaths from prescribed drugs occur in states that have medical cannabis laws. There are no reported deaths from cannabis use: overdose or drug interaction. Cannabis is incapable of shutting down your heart or brain. There are no reports of cannabis causing organ failure and a great deal of science stating it heals organs.

Cannabis helps with some typical problems of aging like no other medication. It does so safely with fewer side effects than most pharmaceutical drugs. Medical marijuana allows pain patients to use fewer narcotics, opiates, and over the counter, pain medications.

Cannabis lifts the mood, it is known to produce anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties. A much safer option to mental health medication or alcohol. Users report better mental function with clear thoughts and ability to stay on task longer. Marijuana helps seniors maintain a healthy weight, heal bed sores and skin problems, better bladder control, improved balance, fewer tremors and muscle spasms. Cannabis treats digestive disorders, eye disorders, natural anti-fungal, bacterial, and treats viruses effectively.

In my personal experience, cannabis is a blessing to the aging body and does not require smoking it. What I see among our senior medical marijuana patients is: better quality of day, fewer medical visits, reduced and eliminated prescription and OTC drugs, and increased longevity.

-MA, Cannabis Consultant @ MJ Consulting LLC

Disclaimer: This article is intended as information not medical advice.