By Debbie Maranville, Co- owner of Goods from the Garden, Catering & Events, The Natural Healing Garden and Amazing Pies. 

  It is no surprise that through the years of my culinary journey, I have thrived to share food in multiple ways.  Food has always been a tool to express my love and compassion.  As a local caterer we create menus for some of the most amazing clients and guests.   

A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with another like minded female friend.  The topic came up that we are both nurturers.  We love sharing and celebrating with food.  We are passionate about gathering around the table with family and friends.  Often we both are involved with celebrating weddings, showers and family retreats.  We both shared how important “FOOD” is for our souls.  At that moment, I was prompted to remember an amazing “food story’. -Client Kathryn calls a couple weeks after Christmas.  She thanks me for the love and special details that our company created for her family’s Thanksgiving Meal.   

I remember driving out to the home on the back side of Prescott Valley through the rolling hills and came upon the long driveway to the home.  I was greeted by a couple family members that assisted me with “schlepping” all the catering equipment and food containers into the beautiful kitchen.  I was present with family members from California, Arizona and Texas.  I witnessed one of the young ladies being coached by her grandmother on the specific way of whipping the potatoes and just the right amount butter and seasoning to add.  This young woman was so attentive with receiving the loving directions.  It was time to gather my tools and head out so that the family could enjoy their meal.  Kathryn stated that shortly after Thanksgiving, her father had a stroke and unfortunately passed away on Christmas Eve.  The meal that our team prepared was a “culinary memory!”  She was so grateful for the opportunity for her family members to be together for the very last time with her father- also a husband, grandfather and uncle.  I have never received such gratitude from a guest.   

In the past several weeks, our company has been called by friends and clients that have been ill and or lost friends and loved ones.  Imagine being on the other end of the call when a client reaches out and asks for your meal suggestions and preparations when an inoperable diagnosis was given to her spouse.  What did we do, you ask?  Chef Paul prepared a vegan soup that not only nourished the client but there was plenty to share with another family dealing with Covid.  A 92 year old community hero and her daughter are sick with Covid and would love some soup. “Debbie, can you please make some Matza Ball Soup and deliver?” she asked.  “I believe that the love you and your team will be soulful and help with the healing process.”  I was moved and inspired.  I immediately requested that our team prepare the soup, which was fabulous. The wonderful broth and the soft and delicious matza balls were fabulous.   We were reminded that the soup tasted better than her recipe.   

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
― Hippocrates 

I am always honored when our team creates the culinary experience and prepares the  AMAZING FOOD that we are proud to share.  I am bound to continue with precision and love, the sharing of recipes, seasonal goods, tantalizing sweet treats, and more.  

Psalm 136:25 – He gives food to every creature. His love endures forever.