Prescott Fit Body Boot Camp (FBBC) opened in September 2022 in Frontier Village – 1781 E. Highway 69 Ste. 53. Prescott, AZ. Owner, Jamaal McCoy. 


Yavapai H & W: Congratulations on the recent opening of Fit Body Boot Camp! What is the concept of Fit Body Boot Camp and how is it different from other gyms? 

FBBC: Thank you. Fit Body is completely different because we’re not a regular gym. We offer 30 minute High-Intensity Interval Training group workouts which are results driven, and are all designed and led by our certified coaches. There are no boring treadmills or intimidating equipment. The group sessions are always high energy! 

Yavapai H & W: Wow, 30 minutes! That sounds intriguing. What type of results do members see? 

FBBC: With our support and motivation, members have seen long lasting results which include weight loss and reduction in body fat. We call it the Afterburn: Twice the Workout in Half the Time. 

Yavapai H & W: How often can members attend sessions? 

FBBC: Our members can attend as many sessions as they like; some members even attend twice per day! We currently offer 45 sessions per week, beginning at 5am on weekdays. 

Yavapai H & W: How often do the workouts change? 

FBBC:  The key is to change it up and have fun! Workouts change every few days and each workout is professionally designed and led by our nationally certified coaches. Different combinations of high-intensity movements are utilized for optimum fat burning, along with a rotation of equipment usage such as air bikes, battles ropes and row machines.  

 Yavapai H & W: Is Fit Body for any fitness level and age? 

FBBC: It sure is. Alternative, beginner movements are offered during sessions so that people of all levels and ages can safely participate. 

 Yavapai H & W: Is there anything else we need to know? 

FBBC: Yes, being a member of FBBC is joining a supportive community. We’re the whole package, not just a workout. Nutritional guidance and accountability are important components that we provide. Members also have the opportunity to interact outside of sessions with each other and with coaches. We’re all about motivation and support! 

Research has shown that working out with others provides a number of benefits for both your physical and mental health. 

  • You’re more motivated. 
  • You stay more accountable. 
  • You stick with it LONGER. 
  • You work out a little harder than if you did on your own. 
  • You have more FUN! 
  • You get better results. 
  • And the social aspect gives a sense of belonging and increases self-esteem. 

 It’s why our members always say that the ‘community’ is one of the things they LOVE the MOST about Fit Body.