Integrated Meridian Tapping Therapy (IMTT) can be used for health issues, financial conditions, personal relationships, past traumas, PTSD, Pets issues, to stop smoking, loss weight, to clear negative energies out of a house.  It can be used by Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Hypnotherapists, and many other professionals in addition to being used by individuals for themselves, and their families.  One of its most valuable uses is to reduce stress.  According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, 2/3 of all office visits to family doctors are for stress related symptoms.  Stress reduction programs may reduce the risk of heart problems, including heart attacks by up to 75% in people with heart disease


The best definition of IMTT is that it is a form of Energy Psychology Therapy based on the energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture and other techniques designed to remove the emotional blocks from your bioenergy system and restore you to a balanced level of function.  It brings you to Homeostasis, which is a long word for balance.  Part of this modality is the use of the following points on the body that can easily be tapped gently with your fingers.



Each point should be tapped 5-7 times


Top of the Head –  Governing Meridian (GV20) line from top of the ears to top of head:  low energy, motor control issues, Memory, anxiety, fear, panic attacks, dizziness, epilepsy, headaches


Beginning of the Eyebrow – just above and to the side of the nose: start point of the Bladder Meridian (BL 2) —Trauma, Frustration and Restlessness.


  Side of the Eye-outside corner of the eye:  , beginning point of the Gall Bladder Meridian (GB1)–Rage


Under the eye-about 1 inch below the pupil:  Stomach meridian (ST1)—Anxiety, Nervousness, Phobias, Addictive Cravings (did I hear chocolate?)


Under the nose-area between the end of the nose and the upper lip:  end point of the Governing meridian (GV 26), also the Large Intestine Meridian—this spot is great to use if someone is fainting.  Just tap and massage this area until the person is fully alert.  Also tap this point before going into an exam or anytime you need all of your mental abilities at their peak.  This spot improves both memory and concentration.  It also can be used to relieve dizziness, nosebleeds (apply pressure), muscle cramps and pain.  Embarrassment. Pretty impressive for one little point on your face.


Chin – midway between the lower lip and point of the chin:  Conception Meridian (CV24)—Shame, Cravings(chocolate again), Self-Esteem.


The inside of both wrists-the easiest way is to tap the wrist together:  both the Pericardium/Circulation Sex Meridian (P7) and (P6)  and the Heart Meridian (H7)—Helps resolve excessive anger, shock, exhaustion and Insomnia.  H7 located on the inside of the hollow of the wrist crease below the little fingers is especially effect for curing insomnia


Karate Chop – little finger sides of both hands chopped together:  Small Intestine Meridian:  Sadness, and Psychological Reversals which will be discussed later.


Submitted by Dr Davis