According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, trapped emotions are responsible for the majority of pain and disease. On the most fundamental level, an emotion is pure moving energy. Each emotion has a specific energetic frequency. Some of the lowest frequency emotions are hate, fear and grief. These can cause and contribute to depression, anxiety and pain. Trapped emotions can also block people from experiencing love and happiness and can make them feel disconnected from others.

Trapped emotions are literal balls or spheres of vibrating energy that can affect any part of your body and cause it to vibrate at the same frequency of the emotion. For instance, if you have anger trapped in your low back, it is literally making the tissue vibrate at the same angry frequency. The trapped emotion distorts your energy field and the tissues and cells of your body and can remain for decades before you exhibit physical or emotional symptoms.

Using principles of biomagnetic energy, trapped emotions and other harmful energies can be easily identified and released by a certified Body Code practitioner. I have personally witnessed and experienced dramatic improvements in chronic pain, anxiety and depression after performing Body Code on my clients.

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