Energy mode….What if you had the opportunity to experience one of the most unique things ever, and it simply resides near you. Would you treat yourself to a session, pamper yourself or even heal yourself?  Simple Vitality located inside Enhanced Energy Healing has that experience.  We have a Bio Charger NG that puts out a subtle energy and light that assists the body in rebalancing.  Utilizing two different systems and software, every session is customized as to what your body is wanting at that the time.  A person usually feels immediate results.  The system aids the body in detoxification.  It is also great for maintaining water absorption and nutrients in the body’s cells, aiding in achieving optimal voltage of one’s cells.  The proper light and energy combined can literally recharge us. This charging system also aids with stress and toxins.  The system has about 670 recipes covering many aliments. Also located in our office and working together to heal the body as a whole, is Matrix for Holistic Health.

We both offer DISTANT HEALING and have great results and feedback, if your unable to experience this in person.


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