Energy Medicine addresses not only the physical body but also the Biofield (Energy field, Aura). Your Biofield was created at the time of conception and is the blueprint or computer programming that drives and directs development on the cellular and physical level. Imbalances in your Biofield can be present for months to years before manifesting in disease which occurs when the imbalance has become significant enough to affect the physical layer. Once these imbalances appear on the physical level is usually when they are diagnosed by your doctor.

Enhanced Energy Healing can find these imbalances before they manifest on the physical level and when they are more easily corrected with different holistic methods designed to remove the energetic blockage (often trapped energies, emotions etc. and toxins).

By assessing your Biofield with a variety of energy healing techniques such as a Bio Energetic energy signature assessment, Bio-well scan or the Body Code the trained practitioners at Enhanced Energy Healing can determine if there are blockages or imbalances in your Biofield which may already be causing you problems on the physical level.  Using scientific and holistic energy healing methods these imbalances can then be removed allowing your newly programmed Biofield to repair and heal the physical symptoms you are experiencing that may have resulted from these imbalances. See what Energy Medicine can do for you!