Palliative Care:

• Can continue all care they are currently receiving
• Can seek life-prolonging, curative treatment with a focus on longevity
• Eligibility criteria determined by each individual company
• Paid by Medicare part B
• No order is required for services
• Nurse Practitioners make visits to patients Monday-Friday during business hours
• NPs can order DME which would be billed to insurance
• Medications can be ordered and billed to insurance when appropriate

Hospice Care:

• Care transitions to a hospice plan of care
• Patients must have a terminal illness
• Patients have chosen to not seek curative treatment with a focus on quality of life and comfort
• Must meet end-stage disease criteria by Medicare
• Medicare Benefit -part A
• Requires hospice order
• Hospice care is 24/7 /365 and can be in-person visits after hours and on weekends
• Can cover DME costs when appropriate
• Hospice services can provide nursing aides when appropriate
• Some medications are provided by hospice

How do you refer a patient to Compassus Palliative Care? Call our local office at 928.775.0103