Mobile IV Vitamin and Hydration Company – ABOOST WELLNESS

Your body needs essential vitamins and nutrients so you can function at your peak performance. But getting them through an IV seems extreme, right?

You might be wondering, why would I volunteer to put a needle in my arm to get vitamins? I know exactly how you feel! Until I learned about bio availability and gut challenges.

Why would we not ‘absorb’ properly?

Digestive disorders affect 35%-70% of people at some point in their lives. They can be caused by stress, age, infections, social, psychological or chronic conditions. Regardless of the cause, this distress affects how and what we absorb from the foods we are eating.

And when you are not absorbing nutrients from food and supplements, your immune system, energy, performance, productivity, and mood is negatively impact.

If you are feeling tired, dehydrated, stressed – you could benefit from an IV Vitamin Infusion.

Our professional registered nurses come to your home. We do an assessment of your symptoms, including your blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturations. We listen to your concerns and identify your goals.

Together we choose the ideal vitamins and protocols to enhance your health and wellness.

Benefits of IV therapy include increased focus, cognition, clarity, alertness, sleep, mood and energy levels. Decreased inflammation and sore/achy muscles. Support for building and strengthening muscle tissue. Detoxification and neutralization of free radicals caused from air pollutants, smoke, and/or diets high in sugar, fat and alcohol. Anti-viral to help clear and/or prevent colds and flu. And antioxidant support, boosting immunity and fortifying your skin.

Aboost Wellness launched in the Prescott area in 2020 and offers mobile IV therapy services to our community. We operate under strict protocols and the direction of our medical director. We use gold standard, USA based, vitamins and minerals. And our highly skilled registered nurses have years of caring experience. A typical infusion lasts approximately 60 minutes all from the comfort of your own home, office or place of your choosing.

We offer free consultations and would love to make a difference in you and your loved one’s lives! Call or text us at 928-910-4111.