With over 84,000 toxic chemicals in our environment, staying healthy is tough. There are over 5,000 known chemicals in our drinking water alone, with more being introduced all the time.

The average consumer is unaware of the poisons we all are consuming daily. I know I didn’t. I was buying organic food, bottled water and vitamins, trying everything to stay healthy. I thought I knew what I was doing. I listened to credible doctors, read books, went to seminars, worked in 3 US hospitals and woke up one day only to find I had been wasting my money. Until you understand how the human body works and what it needs to stay well, it’s impossible to stay well and you can’t fix it.

The body must cleanse before it will use its energy to heal. Clean water is your body’s best defense. I am not talking about RO (reverse osmosis) water or bottled water. Neither have what your body needs to do its job optimally because they are void of minerals and/or acidic. The bottled water biz has made billions, while simply filtering the water, and in many cases is no better than tap. .

Most fresh food is treated with pesticides with oil-based petroleum that doesn’t wash off, even foods labeled organic. Organic growers can use pesticides, they just must be on the outside of the food, not put on the ground to be absorbed by the root system. We show you the difference in our educational classes.

We are on a mission to teach people what we have learned about staying healthy in today’s overburdened toxic world. We offer free educational classes to help people who want to know what and how. There is much you can do to stay well, slow down aging and change the quality and the quantity of your life..

Start today by simply drinking clean water. Come down to H2O Health in the Prescott Gateway Mall and take our FREE 15 Gallon Water Challenge. We want to give you our water for FREE for 15 days so you can see, feel and taste the difference. We will show you how to take back your tap and drink water like it was thousands of years ago. Clean water, without toxins, makes all the difference. There are over 750 peer review studies that prove our water helps 150 diseases and disorders. Take our FREE, no obligation CHALLENGE.


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Check out our website: H2OHEALTH.com or call 928-899-7504 to sign up for classes.