Hi! I’m Dr. Sweet – Owner of Next Level Functional Health. Thank you for taking a minute to learn more about Vitamin D! We ALL know Vit D is an important nutrient for bone health, but did you know it plays a big role in immune function as well? It does if your Vitamin D levels are at optimum!

What is OPTIMUM?  I began studying Functional Medicine in 2009. Back then, our instructors emphasized the importance of having Vit D levels at 80 on blood work, which is near the top of most lab ranges. MD’s would tell their patients that their levels were too high when they were really just right.  Finally, a study came out a couple years ago that showed that a Vit D level of 80 offered the most protection against COVID. We functional med docs rejoiced finally having research to back up what we knew all along. At these optimum levels, Vit D decreases viral replication. This means that if you do encounter a virus, any virus, your protective levels of Vit D 80 will significantly slow the progression and probably prevent the virus from making you sick. (AWESOME!) Vit D also regulates the inflammatory cytokine processes that were so hard on those with COVID.

All Vit D Supplements Are NOT Created Equal! This is important to know. I ask my patients to bring in their Vit D so I can muscle test it for them. Only about 5% of the time, their Vit D tests well. Look back at your blood work. If your Vit D levels are around 50, then your Vit D is probably working, you just need to take more. If it’s lower than that, it’s time to get a D supplement that works.

Special Offer: For Dec and Jan, I’m offering a pre-Vit D blood test with phone consult, a three-month supply of a high-quality Vit D supplement and a post-Vit D blood test with phone consult for just $225. (LabCorp On Demand is $89 for one Vit D test.) Call Julie at our front desk to participate in the special offer or if you know your levels and just need some good Vit D, stop by. We keep the good stuff in stock – liquid or capsules.