If you visit Dignity Health Yavapai Regional Medical Center these days, you may overhear patients, nurses, and staff talking about how great VIC is. But you won’t see VIC walking alongside you in the hall, or grabbing lunch in the cafeteria. Rather, you’ll see VIC in hospital rooms*, dramatically enhancing the patient experience.

Unique to the Dignity Health/CommonSpirit system, VIC – which stands for Virtually Integrated Care – connects a remote, professional registered nurse to each patient and their bedside Care Team via a high-def camera, video screen, and two-way audio. Patients and their families are able to access a VIC nurse via a tap of the screen in the patient’s room. With VIC, bedside nurses are assisted with a broad range of important tasks such as charting, discharges, patient education, and dialogue. Plus, hospital efficiency is significantly improved.

Team members, in turn, now have more time to apply the full extent of their education and training. Additionally, nurses who have left the profession due to the job’s physical demands or other reasons are now able to return.

“VIC is a seamless adjunct to help close the gap during the nursing shortage that hospitals continue to experience nationwide. We’re proud to have the opportunity to utilize this innovative technology, right here at YRMC,” says Tracey McCollum, Chief Nursing Executive Officer, Dignity Health Yavapai Regional Medical Center. “The response from our nurses and patients has been phenomenal.”

CommonSpirit developed the breakthrough VIC technology, and YRMC was chosen to launch the pilot VIC program for Dignity Health’s Southwest region.

“It’s been an honor for YRMC to be the flagship hospital in Dignity Health’s Southwest region to launch VIC’s innovative technology,” says Anthony Torres, MD, FACP, President and CEO, Dignity Health Yavapai Regional Medical Center. “The response has been wonderful. It’s a win-win for nurses, patients, and the entire hospital.”

Comments have been overwhelmingly positive.

  • Patient: “Are you AI or real? This is amazing. This is so neat.”
  • Bedside registered nurse: “I’ve utilized VIC for a number of discharges. The VIC RN has helped patients to go home in a much shorter timeframe, which is better for the patient as well as the hospital.”
  • Patient’s family member: “I’m a retired nurse and I wish we’d had this technology 20 years ago.”
  • VIC registered nurse: “Being a VIC nurse has saved my career. I didn’t think I could physically continue working as a bedside nurse. Now I’ve become more of a ‘detective,’ with a lot more time to really dig into my patients’ charts and ensure that everything is being taken care of. And I’ve been so pleasantly surprised that my patients have told me that they really love having a VIC RN.”

For more information about VIC, as well as other new, innovative technologies and services at Dignity Health Yavapai Regional Medical Center, visit yrmc.org. *NOTE: VIC is only in our Prescott Hospital for now, but it’s coming to Prescott Valley in 2024.

Submitted by Dignity Health Yavapai Regional Medical Center