• The world’s first technology to AUTOMATICALLY ADJUST to changes in your

environment and movements.

 FACT 90% of activities involve motion.

  • The world’s first technology clinically proven to deliver BETTER THAN NORMAL

HEARING in background noise.1

FACT Sound quality is most important to hearing aid wearers.

  • The world’s first solution to hear your OWN VOICE as nature intended – avoid having your voice sound unnatural or loud.

 FACT Signia OVP increased wearers first-fit acceptance up to 80%.2

  • Connect to all compatible BLUETOOTH devices to stream calls, TV, video, music, and more to both ears.

 FACT Bluetooth® low energy offers extended battery life when streaming versus the competition.

  • Available TINNITUS RELIEF THERAPY within the hearing aids are designed to make your life more comfortable.

FACT About 50 million US citizens suffer from tinnitus.

  • Optional T-COIL can pick up signals from compatible public sound systems, like those in theaters, and delivers it straight to your ears.

FACT Online resources can easily connect you to local T-coil compatible locations.

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