Usually, I don’t even consider buying my health products at the gas station, Circle K, beauty parlor, or from an online company giving away free bottles! A 2017 study by Penn State found that 70% of CBD oil extracts sold online were mislabeled.   I like to know what I’m putting into my body is clean, pure, organic, and meets my “swallowing” standards. Here are just a few of those standards:   organically grown, triple lab tested, GMO free, vegan, GUARANTEED % of hemp CBD, produced and bottled under pharmaceutical control, CO2 extraction, FOOD GRADE, no chemical or industrial solvents, informative and cohesive labeling.

When you purchase hemp CBD at My Health Etc.. you can relax and know, all of these standards have been met! We have investigated the companies we represent to make certain they meet our rigid standards. Five of our brands have been certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, and one brand is even listed in the Doctor’s PDR (Physicians Digital Reference).

Now that you know where to shop, you need to know what you’re shopping for. That depends on your problem and the benefits you are looking for. Pain relief, immune system support, sleep issues, digestive problems, etc. Just discuss it with our trained staff, they can help you. Hemp CBD may be taken for a particular problem, and it will not only help that symptom, but you find you are benefiting in other areas of your body.  We call that a “toofer”.

Now you need to know the many different ways you can achieve the desired results. Should you rub it on, put it under your tongue, chew it, roll it, swallow it?  We have tinctures, capsules, gummies, chews, salves, body butters, roll-ons, THC free products, gum, crystals, suppositories, pet supplements, (treats, oils and salves).  We have it all and then some.

All of us at My Health Etc take your health seriously.  We’ll give you a personal mini-seminar to help you understand when and how to get the most benefit. We’ll not just sell it to you and send you off to fend for yourself.  We’re here to coach you along.  Should you have a product you purchased some place else and are in doubt about, bring it in, we’ll try to help you. If you purchase one of our products online and need some guidance, give us a call. Our customer service person will try to answer your questions.

Personal service you can trust!  We are not Doctors, but we do know our hemp CBD. You’ll love our products, you’ll love the confidence of knowing you have the very best, most trusted manufacturers and advice available, and you’ll love us!