The new Outpatient Services Building West is located on the campus of Dignity Health, Yavapai Regional Medical Center West in Prescott. 

In late October, the much anticipated Outpatient Services Building West will begin to open in stages to serve our community. Located on the campus of Dignity Health, Yavapai Regional Medical Center West (YRMC) in Prescott, this new state-of-the-art health and wellness center combines high-tech innovations with comfort and convenience. 

“The Outpatient Services Building West is a patient-focused health and wellness center,” says Ken Boush, Director of Marketing and Communications at Dignity Health, YRMC. “The planning process we embraced – involving key stakeholders, exploring best practices and conducting a thorough needs assessment – resulted in an exceptional facility. Our team is proud to introduce the Outpatient Services Building West to our community.” 

The Healthcare Services Our Community Needs 

The Outpatient Services Building West will include a combination of specialty, diagnostic and therapeutic healthcare services when fully open. For patient convenience, a pharmacy and laboratory draw site also will be located in the new facility.  

Specialists from Dignity Health, Yavapai Regional Medical Group and several YRMC departments will begin caring for patients in the new health and wellness center between October and December. Patients are encouraged to check online at for the latest information about their provider’s move to the Outpatient Services Building West.  

“Our goal is to make the move as seamless as possible for our patients,” Boush says. “If your healthcare provider is scheduled to relocate to the Outpatient Services Building West, we recommend you call their office to confirm their location before leaving for an appointment. You can also check the YRMC HealthConnect online community for the latest information.” 

The following providers are scheduled to move to the Outpatient Services Building West in 2021: 

October 2021 

Yavapai Regional Medical Group, Vascular Surgery – Phung Le, DO, and team are scheduled to begin seeing patients in suite 1200 on Monday, October 25. 

November 2021 

YRMC Physical Rehabilitation Services – The Physical Rehabilitation team, currently located at 1112 Iron Springs Road in Prescott, is scheduled to begin seeing patients in suite 1400 on Monday, November 15. 

December 2021 

Prescott Cardiac Diagnostic Imaging  This YRMC service is scheduled to begin seeing patients in suite 2400 on Monday, December 20.  

Preventive Medicine and Wellness (Pendleton Center) – The Cardiac Rehabilitation, Diabetes Education and Nutritional Consultation teams in Prescott are scheduled to begin seeing patients in suite 2500 on Monday, December 20. (Please note: Adult Fitness, Personal Training, and partner fitness programs – SilverSneakers®, Silver&Fit®, and Renew ActiveTM – will remain at their current location, 1112 Iron Springs Road in Prescott.) 

Yavapai Regional Medical Group, Cardiology – Mansour Assar, MD, Soundos Moualla, MD, and team are scheduled to begin seeing patients in suite 2300 on Monday, December 20. 

Yavapai Regional Medical Group, Cardiology – John Giardina, MD; Edward Ha, MD; Nisha Tung-Takher, MD; and team are scheduled to begin seeing patients in suite 2200 on Monday, December 20. 

Yavapai Regional Medical Group, Cardiology – Marek Piatek, MD; George Rizk, MD; Phillip Tran, DO; and team are scheduled to begin seeing patients in suite 2200 on Monday, December 20. 

Yavapai Regional Medical Group, Neurosurgery and Physiatry  Bradley Benson, DO, and team are scheduled to begin seeing patients in suite 3100 on Monday, December 20. 


Convenient Parking 

Patients arriving at the Outpatient Services Building West may park in the adjacent parking structure. A convenient skybridge links every level of the parking structure to every floor of the Outpatient Services Building West. This allows patients to park and head directly to their provider’s suite for their appointment. 

“The parking structure was designed in a way so patients and visitors won’t have an uphill climb to reach their destination,” notes Boush. “This will be especially helpful to people who have mobility issues.” 

Community Gathering Spaces 

On the first floor of the Outpatient Services Building, the Bistro Café will include a variety of grab-and-go meals, salads, smoothies and other healthy selections. Seating will be available in the building’s expansive main lobby or an outdoor patio with a covered canopy. 

The new building features other outdoor gathering spaces. A 4,500-square-foot covered deck will serve as a location for YRMC-sponsored community events and other activities. 

“Our vision all along has been to create a premier health and wellness center that also brings together community members and providers,” Boush explains. “We’ve achieved that by creating usable space throughout the building, developing wellness-focused features and incorporating technology that enhances communication.” 

Those include, for example: 

  • A demonstration kitchen for cooking classes – A fully equipped kitchen will accommodate healthy cooking and food-preparation classes. 
  • A community room for health education presentations – This community education room includes partitions to divide the area into smaller classrooms when needed.  
  • A sophisticated teleconferencing system – This virtual, secure system will support provider-to-provider communication and consultations among Dignity Health specialists, no matter where they are located. 


Learn More 

“The Outpatient Services Building West was built for the health of our community,” Boush says. “We’re looking forward to serving our community in this outstanding facility.” 

To learn more, visit the Outpatient Services Building West community at  

Submitted by Dignity Health, Yavapai Regional Medical Center.