ictor Kaur, The Honeyman, has been selling honey in the Quad-City area for 50 years! He worked as a geologist from 1969-1974. He started beekeeping in 1974 after his dad complained the price of honey was getting too high! Victor’s dad use to buy honey by the 5 gallon bucket! Victor bought his first hive from Sears Roebuck and Co. and got his bees out of his barber’s window! He bought three more hives the next year and then purchased 18 hives from a beekeeper and placed those at Slide Rock in Sedona.

Initially, he bought queen bees, but then split his hives and also collected swarms out of citrus trees in Phoenix, ultimately growing his collection to 500 hives throughout the state.

Locally he had hives on the southside of Goldwater lake, off Hwy 89 by Watson Lake, behind Costco, old 69 by the Castle house in Prescott Valley, all over the Fain’s property, Skull Valley, Olsen’s Ranch in Chino Valley, north of the airport, past the old Granite Dells swimming pool and up by the new Health Dept. building just to name a few places! In 1984 he lost 30 hives by Watson lake from the big flood of that year. The bottom half of the hives got full of mud. He began selling his honey at the YMCA Swap Meet in Prescott, Arizona.

Many old-time Prescottonians will remember when the Swap Meet was out in front of the old YMCA building! Then he moved out to the Swap Meet on Highway 69 and sold there for 10 years.

During that timeframe he rented and eventually bought property on the other side of the highway, just off Prescott East Highway and the Frontage Road where the Prescott Valley Honeyman store is located today. There was a small building on the front of that property where he sold his honey, and he started expanding his product selection to teas, spices, herbs and herbal supplements. In 2010, he built the current Prescott Valley Honeyman Store on that property, In 2003 he had opened a store out on White Spar Road, which was later moved to the Montezuma Street location. The Honeyman in Prescott moved to its present location on Alarcon Street in 2019 as the Montezuma location had been sold and was destined for demolition! Victor has three children all of whom have worked in The Honeyman stores at one time or another. His son, Dennis, works for him now in Black Canyon where he pours all of the honey

that we sell. Victor no longer has hives, but he buys honey from the beekeepers in the state that he has known for years or from their kids who now own their hives. The first honey he bought from a beekeeper in the late 1990’s was from the State Bee Inspector. Those beekeepers move their hives all over Arizona and sometimes to California.

He has also worked with a beekeeper from Washington state. The honeys from Washington include the Raspberry Blossom, Echinacea, and Washington Wildflower.

Victor is a very hardworking, generous business owner. He has grown his Honeyman businesses into two thriving stores that will surely continue to grow and provide the residents of the quad-cities with their Honey, Herbs and Spices, Teas, Grains, Flours, Beans and Rice and other products we carry. He will also continue to partner with local and Arizona businesses to

bring locally grown and made products when possible! Such as our partnerships with Broken Horn D Ranch Criollo Beef, Fond du Lac Farms Raw Milk, Polka Milk Goat Farm lotions and soaps, Ancient Suds Tallow soaps and balms, Arizona Desert Rain chaparral balms, Silver Elements colloidal silver, Orozona CBD tinctures for humans and pets, Centered Earth Studio hand-thrown and fired stoneware pottery and many more!

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The Honeyman