Sleep is a complex neurological phenomenon.  We are evolutionarily equipped to have circadian rhythms which regulate our sleep and wakefulness and are tied to daylight and our eating patterns, among other things. When there is over-stimulation in the brain, the wakeful period of the circadian rhythm becomes prolonged, therefore cutting into the sleep period. Regular stress throughout the day can cause this in addition to stimulants like caffeine or certain medications.  Your conscious mind may be “turned off” but there are many processes still going on in the brain. During REM sleep, your brain is busy processing the events of the day and recreating certain themes or emotions as dreams.

CBD has a balancing effect on the excitatory and inhibitory neurons in the brain to help stabilize and fortify your body’s natural circadian rhythms.  This helps you sleep longer and better at night. It also reduces inflammation, which is one of the primary causes of pain.

If you’re physically uncomfortable, try relaxing your muscles before bed with a topical hemp oil massage.  Soak in the tub with a CBD bath bomb.  A soothing cup of CBD tea can end your day on a peaceful note.

At Desert Flower CBD and Wellness, we have a full line of CBD products, including Charlotte’s Web Sleep Gummies, Elixinol Good Night capsules, CBD tea, bath bombs, sugar scrub and body lotion.

Submitted by Teri Bryant, co-owner Desert Flower CBD and Wellness

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