It’s exciting getting our first glimpse of beautiful, warm outdoor weather! For many of us it lifts the spirit being in the sunshine and having longer days. Another side effect is wearing lighter clothing and motivating ourselves to be healthier and in better shape for the summer. 

There are some fun and easy ways to accomplish a healthier you this spring! 

Get out and walk if you are able. Not only is it excellent for your cardiovascular system, but it helps boost your mood because it increases blood circulation to the brain and body. It helps to reduce stress and will give you a daily dose of Vitamin D.  

Swap out a few of your unhealthy diet choices. If you happen to be an ice cream fanatic, we can definitely help you replace it at Vibes and never look back again! Try a Pitaya Bowl or other Smoothie Bowls instead of ice cream. Vibes’ bowls contain fruits that are frozen, blended to order and come out with the consistency of soft serve, then topped with a variety of options such as fresh berries, nut butter, and granola. They’re eaten with a spoon but unlike ice cream, they are non-dairy, so fresh and loaded with vitamins and minerals. The Pitaya Bowl is pink dragon fruit blended with banana and mango, then it’s layered with granola underneath and topped with cacao nibs, coconut flakes, fresh pineapple, and a drizzle of agave. Call it your Pink Sundae if you like! It’s got all the taste with an added crunch, but without the extra calories or sugar crash. 

There’s also four other Smoothie Bowls and four Acai Bowls on the menu. If you love coffee desserts, we have one especially for you and it’s called the Coffee Cup. This creamy coffee delight also has hints of  cinnamon and peanut butter, topped with granola, fresh fruit & almond butter. There is nothing else like it and you can have it any time of day! 

Juice Cleanse 

If you’re looking for more of a significant Springtime cleanse for your body, a Juice Cleanse package is a great option to reset your system in less than a week. This entails consuming only juice for either 3 days or 5 days in order to Detox. 

  •  Juicing is one of the best ways to detoxify and heal the body from the toxins we’re exposed to every day. It’s also one of the quickest ways to absorb vitamins. A person would not be able to consume the same volume of produce per day in non-juice form. Drinking cold-pressed juice can release the stress on the liver, kidneys, and skin- which are our toxin fighting organs. 
  • Juicing helps curb cravings by regulating blood sugar. 
  • People typically experience water weight loss, stronger immune system and better digestion. The live enzymes in cold-pressed juice are a great aid to the digestion process while re-hydrating the body. Overall better health can be achieved with juicing, especially combined with exercise. 

Patio Season 

You can now enjoy any of Vibes Juice Bar’s items on the spacious Patio Lounge! It’s open for the season so come with your friends and family and take advantage of the warm sunshine in the downtown Prescott setting. The 2,100 square foot Patio Lounge is also available to rent for your private events and upcoming celebrations. We can even cater for you with other local, sister restaurants in Krave Restaurant Group. 


Vibes Juice Bar offers 3 Day and 5 Day Juice Cleanse packages. Please order ahead and allow 72 hours for pick-up. It is suggested to consult with your physician before doing a juice cleanse. 

Vibes Juice Bar is now open 7 Days a Week. Monday – Friday 7:30am-5:00pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 9am-3pm. Inquire within or call 928.277.4878 for private rental of the Patio Lounge.