Rise and shine, it’s Springtime! One of my favorite seasons to celebrate renewal and freshness. Such a delight to transition out of winter. However, I will miss my morning fires that my husband creates.
According to Merrium-Webster the definition of “Spring Cleaning” is the act or process of doing a thorough cleaning of a place. I imagine you would agree with me that the kitchen is the most common used room in the home. Should you own pets, there is even more high traffic in the kitchen.

Here are some helpful tips that may assist you:

Counters/surfaces – Remove everything off the counters. If there is an appliance or piece of culinary equipment that you have not used, place it in your pantry, closet or gift it. Wipe down the counters to ensure you have a clean foundation. Focus on corners also.
Walls/Cabinets – while you were cooking all those great soups and stews during the winter as well as enjoying evening fires, there are oils/and steam that have danced over to the surfaces. You will want to wipe down all the surfaces, both inside and out to ensure your have wiped off the grime.
Stoves/Cooktops – Now is the perfect time to clean where the magic begins. When using oven cleaners, if they are not natural, I encourage you to open a window or screen door for proper ventilation. Cleaning under the hood of the exhaust system is also needed.
Refrigerator – Out with the old and in with the new. If you haven’t used an open condiment or sauce, throw it out and ensure you start with fresh. Most products have use through dates on them. Two weeks to fourteen days in the norm on most products. Of course ketchup, mustard and vinegars have a bit longer shelf life. Pull everything off the shelves and the doors and do a thorough cleaning. Some folks use vinegar or bleach. Be mindful of proper ventilation. I use Melaleuca products at home. A friendly reminder to clean the condensers and wipe down dust and pet hair. This helps with proper air circulation and longer life of the refrigerator.
Floors – a thorough cleaning of the floor surface, including grout and baseboards will freshen up your kitchen. Don’t forget the pantry floors also.
You may also at this time open up your drawers and clean out any unnecessary clutter and dust. Silverware caddies can get the dirtiest. I suggest to place all silverware and cooking utensils in the dishwasher for sanitation purposes.

Often the cleaning can be overwhelming. Might I suggest to share the cleaning with a friend or relative and then the following week, plan to go to their home and assist with their Spring Cleaning. Sharing lunchtime will be a great reward for both of you after the work.

Take today and plan a little Spring Cleaning in your Kitchen. Contact us at 928-237-3214 or email us GoodsfromtheGarden@gmail.com

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Debbie Maranville, Co-owner of Goods from the Garden, Catering & Events and The Natural Healing Garden
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