When you hear the term “self-care” what comes to mind? For many years I have thought that self -care involved getting a massage, receiving a luxurious facial, hiking in our beautiful forests, attending a fancy retreat, a relaxing bubble bath, reading a good book and listening to “jazz music with some lit candles.”
Through the years I have found that self-care was holding my grandsons and rocking them to sleep after story time. Sitting on the porch and watching the deer walk through the yard and gaze into our eyes. I became a herbalist in 2017 and learned to power of plants and herbs. The education I received has allowed my company to include wholesome ingredients to our clients that we cook and cater for. Fresh and dried herbs added to the recipe brings out an essence that is so amazing with every bite. Not only good for you yet tastes so fresh. We need self-care all the time. Self -care practices are activities we engage in on a regular basis to reduce stress and maintain wellbeing. My Chiropractor, Dr. Robert Boehland has been exponential in the care of my neurological system. I could not function as I do at present without his care.
Eating food you enjoy is self- care. I also use cooking as a form or relaxation and nurturing. Meal planning to save you stress and time later in the week is also a tool of self-care. Eating ice cream to make you feel better can be self-care. Baking can also be a form of self -care. Working through struggles with food and challenging eating disorder is self -care. We have some wonderful professionals in our community that can assist. I would be happy to connect anyone in the community with local professionals. Self-care is about honoring your body and respecting yourself. In 2022 we will continue to focus on education to the community to support “Healthy Food and Healthy Living!” We want to create the opportunity for everyone to be able to make great choices when it comes to food and self-care. May 2022 bring prosperity, love and wonderful self-care to all.
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Submitted by
Debbie Maranville, Co-owner of Goods from the Garden, Catering & Events and
The Natural Healing Garden “Celebrating 10 Years in Business!”