lift chairs come in many sizes, colors, and materials. They help you get out of a chair and sit back down with the simple push of a button. They are designed for people with mobility, strength, and balance issues, especially the elderly, disabled, or those recovering from surgery or an injury. When choosing a lift chair, also known as a power chair recliner, consider the chair size, reclining position options, upholstery, and upgraded features available.
With the simple push of a button, lift chairs allow the user to be raised into a standing position or lowered into the seat without strain on knee joints, hips, wrists, elbows or shoulders.
Lift chairs also provide the comfort and beauty of a standard recliner with greater durability. Because the chair gently lifts users out of the seat and onto their feet, they don’t have to rely on others for this everyday task. This also decreases the physical strain and stress on caregivers.
Lift chairs are priced competitively, and in some cases may be less expensive than traditional recliners. Most importantly, they offer users help in safely getting in and out of a chair, so they can pursue their daily activities with more freedom and independence.
To purchase a lift chair that is perfectly tailored to your body size and lifestyle, contact your local Mobility Plus store or visit Some stores also offer rentals for short-term use such as recovering from surgery or when a relative visits with a mobility issue.
Although lift chairs are considered medical equipment, they can be customized to complement your home decor and create a cozy, warm ambiance. Just as with a standard recliner, they come in a variety of upholsteries, colors, and styles.
If the user suffers from incontinence or plans to eat meals in the chair, a stain-resistant upholstery is recommended. Instead of cloth, choose fabrics such as imitation leather, microfiber or linen that clean up more easily. If slipping out of the chair is an issue, avoid faux leather.
Also, consider the climate where you live when selecting the upholstery. In warm climates, you may sweat more in leather and vinyl chairs because they retain the heat more than cloth or synthetic leather.
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