We at The Honeyman are looking forward to a great year. It has started off great with the opening of our new Prescott location in October. The feedback on our new location has been very positive, but a few are still missing the “ambiance” of the old store. I can tell you all the employees are excited and enjoying our new location! We feel it is just a new chapter in The Honeyman’s long history in Prescott, which as you might recall started at the YMCA swap meet.

We appreciate everyone who came out to our Grand Opening and all the vendors that participated. It was really a great feeling seeing everyone there interacting with each other. It was a real sense of community! This new location lets us offer items in the Prescott store that were previously only available in Prescott Valley.

We have a new milk supplier. They are Fond du Lac Farms from Casa Grande, Arizona. They offer A2 raw milk, raw cream and Kefir. We carry all three products at both locations. Our delivery arrives every other Saturday. Call either store for information about delivery dates, and to get more information about the farm, visit fonddulacfarms.com

Capream Dairy from Prescott is a new vendor. They offer A2 Goat’s Milk Gelato. If you haven’t tried it, you need too! It’s great! We carry pints that come in three flavors: Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Bean and Mint Chip, The Dark Chocolate is a rich chocolatey taste (not sweet), the Mint Chip is refreshing with a mix of peppermint and spearmint, and the Vanilla Bean is a good vanilla taste. They also make a Vanilla Bean sandwich bar that we carry individually or in a six-pack box. In the near future we hope to carry some of their other products. You can get more information about Capream Dairy at capream.com.

We also have a few new honey’s at The Honeyman right now. They include Echinacea Blossom and Buckwheat honey from Washington State. And Burro Brush honey is a mild honey from Arizona. We also have an Almond Wildflower honey and Avocado Blossom honey from California. These honeys are in limited supply. So when they are gone, we may or may not be able to get them again. They are all worth a sample. Come on in and we would be happy to let you sample any of our honeys before you buy them.