The Produce Only Market which recently opened in Prescott, is described by owner  Chad Tidlund as a “stand alone”  traditional produce department that you’d find in any big box supermarket , with the addition of a sit down all-natural smoothie bar. The market offers a full line of both organic and conventional produce as well as a  sizeable assortment of dried fruits and nuts. What distinguishes “TPOM” from other produce departments is that Chad really knows produce and brings the highest of quality with a strong emphasis on flavor. He knows when and  what varieties of produce are more inclined to provide a better flavor profile. The market has a demonstration table that Chad utilizes on a daily basis to cut and sample different produce, from the traditional to the exotic. Chad is also happy to have people taste test any produce they’d like prior to purchasing. The smoothie bar portion of the market uses only the highest quality ingredients (no added sugars!) and has some of the tastiest as well as healthiest smoothies in all of northern Az. Chad has been in the produce industry nearly 25 yrs. Prior to opening this store he was a partner is a produce company named Berry Fresh Produce located in Southern California who are distributers, importers, and growers of fresh produce selling mainly to supermarket chains such as Kroger (Fry’s), Safeway, Albertsons, Sprouts, Bashas, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco and many others. In 2013, Chad sold his partnership in Berry Fresh to devote more time to his family. Chad is originally from the Minneapolis area of Mn. He moved to Southern California in 1991 where he met his wife, Cynthia. Chad and Cynthia have been married for 29 years and have one son named Ethan who is 25.He, his wife, and son along with their nephew Sean (age 22) moved to Prescott in Sept, of 2020. Shortly after arriving to Prescott, Chad had the idea of opening his own retail produce store with his wife contributing  the smoothie bar part of the vision.   Chad and Cynthia  want The Produce Only Market  to represent the best of what a smaller town like Prescott offers with the aspiration of creating a cornerstone community store.

Chad and his family are Christians and because of their commitment of faith in Jesus Christ the Market is closed on Sundays. The Produce Only Market and Smoothie Bar is Open 9am to 7pm Monday Thru  Saturday.  It is located at 405 West Goodwin Street in Prescott,  two blocks west of the courthouse.  Chad and his family want to extend their invitation to all of the greater Prescott area to help them build the local community market our beautiful town deserves!