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Question: Why should the elderly be using medical marijuana?

Answer: As our bodies age we share common health concerns. We develop disorders of the eyes, digestive issues, arthritis, frail bones, high blood pressure or cholesterol, impaired sleep, pain, diabetes, memory impairment and cancer.

If a person is taking a medication for each of these age-related disorders it can become dangerous to manage so many medications. 55 people above 55 die everyday in America from overdose or interactions to pharmaceutical and over the counter medications. No one has ever died from cannabis (marijuana).

The fastest growing group of cannabis users are people above 60. Seniors and the elderly benefit from using cannabis as a medicine to reduce or eliminate prescription drug use and dependency. The elderly and memory impaired are extremely vulnerable, sometimes they take double doses of their medications having failed to remember they took it 10 minutes ago. Cannabis (marijuana) is very forgiving, when you take too much it is incapable of shutting down the heart and brain.

By reducing the number of medications an elderly person takes can simplify their daily regimen increasing safety of our loved ones.

This is not about getting “high” this is about feeling better with less dangerous plant-based medicine, less medicine for safety, and decreasing the cost of medications to Medicare, Medicaid, and The VA. Statistic do show a significant reduction to these systems.

The elderly can take a simple marijuana infused gummy bear, chew gum, take it in the form of honey, capsules, liquid oral drops, or use a vape pen for quick relief. Cannabis can be added to any food you currently eat at home in small amounts.

A little cannabis will treat all health conditions according to science because we have cannabinoid receptors all over our body. Prescriptions are specific to one ailment where cannabis is nondiscriminatory, it treats them all.

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