I’m Dr. Sweet, Owner of Next Level Functional Health. Thanks for taking a minute to learn about this fabulous technology that is taking healing to new heights. LowLevel Laser Therapy(LLLT) research has been published extensively for well over 50 years, but not many people know about its benefits. I have been using laser therapy at Next Level for 15 years and our patients can certainly attest to its effectiveness!

How Does It Work? In a nutshell, LLLT works on a cellular level to accelerate healing processes in injured cells. The la-ser donates energy to these injured cells so they can gain some traction and begin to heal. Any normal cell in the body will respond favorably to low-level laser: muscle cells, ligament cells, bone cells, liver cells, skin cells, you name it…even brain cells! Over the next few months, I’ll tell you about some conditions that respond favorably to laser-on-ly treatments, so keep an eye out for these articles!

Sprained Ankles and Muscle Pulls: Low-level laser is darn-near miraculous when it comes to reducing the pain and swelling from new injuries – I would have loved to have had a laser when I was in sports medicine! Those athletes would have been back on the field SOOO much faster!

Post Surgery Heal-ing: Recently I had two patients that needed surgery. One had a shoulder replacement and the other had hand surgery after a table saw accident. Surgical wounds and repairs have to be rested and immobilized for a few weeks before the patient can begin physical therapy. During that phase, I had both patients come in twice a week to sit still under the laser. A few weeks later when it was time to begin PT, both of their therapists commented on “how far ahead they were” compared to others with similar surgeries. How awesome tobe ahead of the game following surgery!

I’d like to invite you to get ahead of the game as well. We offer a complimentary consultation, so call Julie at our front desk to schedule your consult today!


Submitted by Dr. Jennifer Sweet 928.910.6565