Hi! I’m Dr. Sweet – Owner of Next Level Functional Health. Thank you for taking a minute to read how we have been helping patients with chronic knee pain. (This is my second article about the benefits of low level laser, so if you missed the first one, we’ll be happy to email it to you.) Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) research has been published extensively for well over 50 years, but not many people know about its benefits. I have been using laser therapy at Next Level for 15 years and our patients can certainly attest to its effectiveness!

How Does It Work?  In a nutshell, LLLT works on a cellular level to reduce inflammation, kickstart repair in damaged cells and then accelerate those repair processes. It’s like “Pedal to the Metal” for healing! Any normal cell in the body will respond favorably to low level laser: muscle cells, ligament cells, bone cells, cartilage cells, skin cells, you name it…even brain cells!

This month we created more success stories with new laser patients that came in after reading my first article. One gentleman with chronic ankle pain was afraid he’d never be able to walk long distances again. He came to us with a terrible limp and used crutches sometimes. After a month of treatment, he can now take his dog for walks again and has far less pain. Another patient who had a history of terrible discomfort and swelling for days after dental work received one laser treatment immediately after a dental procedure. She returned to our office the next day and reported minimal pain and swelling – no pain pills needed! WooHoo!!

Knee Pain: We have seen excellent results with reducing knee pain in natural knees. Researchers have found that LLLT can reduce the inflammation of arthritis and most importantly help to stimulate cartilage thickening on the ends of the bones! Some of our patients were told they need knee replacement because they are “bone on bone,” so they opted to try laser treatments first. Their results were fantastic – even surprised me- and the results have stood the test of time lasting over a year, so far!!

LLLT works on a cellular level, so the help it can offer is limitless, and it never causes any negative side effects! We offer a complimentary consultation. Call Julie at our front desk … let’s chat to see if LLLT can help you get to your Next Level!