As we enter the New Year, our thoughts turn to fresh starts, inspiration, improvement, and resolutions
as we imagine new and beautiful things ahead. Let’s explore some fresh new inspiration for living with our loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia:
1. Create and savor those special moments in which you have a true connection with your loved one. Relish the smile on their face or the delight in their eyes. Be very present in those moments.
2. Realize that there may be no “fresh new start” in the progression of their disease. Accepting the unacceptable requires a new perspective on your part. In acceptance comes the freedom to enjoy the little victories.
3. Contemplate little ways that you can take care of yourself, as the caregiver. Call the Susan J. Rheem Adult Day Center to find out more about having your loved one attend, even one or two days a week. Inquire about having an in-home care companion give you time to get away to visit with friends or do something enjoyable. Perhaps a friend would be able to take your loved one on an outing. Something to give you space and time for rejuvenation.
4. Ponder ways you can enter the world of your loved one. Practice saying “Yes” and not trying to correct them—especially on things that do not really matter!
5. Pick one doable thing that you can focus on for yourself–an online class, yoga, or a trip. Find small
ways to simplify your life to give you more time and energy to pursue something meaningful to you.

“I am going to make everything around me beautiful—that will be my life.” Elsie DeWolfe
“When you love someone with dementia, the goal is not perfection. The new standard for your relationship is simply for it to be good enough.” Pauline Boss

May you each have a beautiful New Year!

Submitted by
Melody Thomas-Morgan
Resident Relations
Specialist of The
Margaret T. Morris Center