Many older Americans are finding it difficult to accomplish daily tasks that they used to do without giving it a second thought.  Here is a list of some Life Hacks that can make life easier:


Empower the Shower:

  • Place a bar of soap in the leg of a pantyhose. Tie the open end to a towel bar or on the shower head.

Get a Grip:

  • Slip a foam roller over the end of silverware to improve hold–especially knives.
  • Wrap rubber bands around a glass to prevent it from slipping out of your hands.
  • Use rubber coated gardening gloves to open jars or bottles. Puffy plastic shelf liner works too.
  • Make doorknobs easier to grip by placing a foam roller over the end.

Zip it:

  • Attach a round key ring or bobby pins to zipper pulls making getting dressed easier.

Recipe Rescue:

  • Attach a cookbook or recipe to a pants hanger and hang it from the kitchen cabinet knob.

Ice, Ice Baby:

  • Use an upside-down ice cube tray to hold playing cards.

Have a Ball!:

  • Push a writing utensil or paint brush through a tennis ball to get a better handle on things.


If you find yourself having difficulties with these tasks give these life hacks a try.  It may also be time to start looking at your future care options. It is never too early to start planning how you would like to age.  We are fortunate to have many options in Prescott—both for aging in your home as well as senior living communities.  Making these connections now will help avoid a crisis later.


Submitted by

Alan Wikman

Owner/Director of Synergy HomeCare


7762 E Florentine Ave

Prescott Valley