This time of year we get a lot of requests for help with seasonal allergies. We have already started suggesting the MESQUITE HONEY for Spring and Summer allergies. You will want to take about a teaspoon of this honey a day. Please do not put it in anything too hot, or you will lose all the benefits you’re looking to gain. Right off the spoon is your best bet, or on a piece of toast. If you put in your coffee or tea you should let your drink cool off some before you add any honey to it.

We also suggest our ARIZONA BEE POLLEN. Bee Pollen is a complete food product containing all the nutrients in its raw, pure, unaltered form to sustain life! Science has shown that some of the benefits of bee pollen are that it boosts energy, has rejuvenating powers, and fights allergies. Bee pollen is a product that we suggest you start off slow with because of its potency! Our suggestion is to start with one granule the first day and keep adding a granule each day until you get up to about a teaspoon. Your body will let you know if you’ve taken too much!

However, honey and other bee products may not be beneficial for all allergies as bees don’t pollinate all the trees whose pollen just blows through the air and that makes our eyes and noses itch. For local tree allergies, we carry a tincture that is called 5500 FT. TREE MIX. This tincture is infused with pollens from the Juniper, Goldenrod, Pinon Pine, Cottonwood, Oak, Mesquite and Cypress trees. It is preserved with red root and grape alcohol. Three drops, three times a day is the dosage; however, we suggest starting off a little bit slower than that as this product is very potent. One drop and then two drops a dose the first couple days will help your body adjust to the dosage.

Because all of these remedies are natural, it may take several weeks for you to notice that they are working. Our customers come back year after year and tell us that they do get relief from their allergies by using one or more of these remedies.