Try living a debt free life

The saying goes “cash is king”. But in America today we believe “debt is king”. On a national, and personal level, debt is at an all-time high. We borrow money to buy things on credit because we don’t want to wait until we have the cash.

We are encouraged to go into debt for physical things, vacations, home improvement ad infinitum. Large banks even market their credit cards under names like “Freedom”, “Rewards” and “Simplicity”.

Have you ever received your credit card statement in the mail and exclaimed, “This makes me feel so free!” Even though it is clearly a lie (there is nothing freeing, rewarding or simple about debt) we buy the lie. We go into debt.

But reality has a way of smacking us in the face. We actually feel burdened by debt, not free. Debt doesn’t simplify our life, it complicates it.  It doesn’t reward us, it feels like a penalty. The exact opposite of what we were promised. Maybe someone isn’t telling the truth.

Have you ever considered how free you may feel if you didn’t have any debt? No credit card debt, no car payment, no home equity loan, and not even a house payment! Think about it. How would you feel if you didn’t owe anyone anything? You might not be able imagine how that might feel.

One thing if for sure, life would be freer, more rewarding and simpler. That is the truth.

Living without debt means you won’t be able to get that spa right away, you might need to delay your vacation, and you may drive a car older than your neighbor. That is a small price to pay for the freedom you will experience.

Does this sound intriguing? Interested in taking some baby steps towards financial freedom? Consider checking out Dave Ramsey’s books and courses. I completed his course several years ago and it was life changing.

Dave teaches a very simple and clear path to getting and staying out of debt. Many millions of people have used his program to gain control over their finances. You can, too.

If you need a local, encouraging word, call me. I can share our debt free story with you, and help you on your first steps. It can be done. You can do it!

Enjoy the freedom, reward and simplicity of a debt free life.

Experience the peace of mind that comes when you don’t anyone any money.

Dan Hussey is owner of Totally Floored, Prescott Valley