You can now attend Ving Tsun Kung Fu classes in Prescott Valley. The instructor is Pete Peterson, who trained in this style in Guangzhou, China under Master Peter Lee. This style incorporates Empty Hand forms, Wooden Man form, weapons and much more. It is great for physical fitness, building self-confidence and for self-defense. The class will also discuss Chinese Culture, which is important in studying this martial art.

Mr. Peterson has traveled to China many times to study Kung Fu , as well as to Okinawa, Japan to study karate. He has  studied with several US based teachers. Mr. Peterson is an 8th Degree Black Belt and (Shihan) Master Instructor in karate. He has recently retired from Law Enforcement and during his career he spent most of his time in high crime areas.

If you’re interested in learning please contact him by phone  612-930-6124 or email: