Dampendic, excuse me I mean pandemic!  Spending all this time with myself has been eye-opening. I like me okay, but I’m starting to bore myself. “We’ll get through this together” isn’t working for me.  I need more one-on-one people time to stimulate my brain. Besides, how does quarantine and togetherness make sense. The guilt I have been experiencing during this “alone-together” time is really not good for my-self image. I have had time to do all those things that I never have time to do, but I still didn’t do them.  I did, however, clean out the junk drawer in the kitchen. Does that tell you anything?

I’m also spending a lot of time (which I have right now, due to the quarantine situation) preparing healthful meals to keep our immune systems perking along. Speaking of immune systems, I hope you know that hemp CBD is great for keeping our bodies strong and functioning well. During this time of added stress, it’s important to take your CBD regularly. Your immune system will love you for it.

At My Health Etc. we have a great 100% organic raw plant-based vitamin and mineral powder. We also have an organic raw PLANT (no whey) based protein powder. These, along with our CBD tinctures will give you that added confidence as we open up our businesses, churches, sports and large group get togethers.

My Health Etc has been open for businesses during this close down time, but has not allowed people inside our store. We have outdoor seating, drive-thru pick up, ordering on line and by phone, as well as free local delivery. We will be allowing people back in the building soon, but we’re playing it safe a little while longer for the safety of our friends and customers. (If you are a customer, you are a friend!)

We want your business, we need your business and we’ll bend over backward to keep your business!

Stay well and plant a garden!

My Health etc.