Not every home has room for the showy plants gardeners obsess over, like Monstara, Fiddle Leaf Figs, and Alocasia. There are so many adorable little plants that are perfect for tiny spaces. Grow miniatures when you have limited room in your home for large, towering houseplants.

Having only giant plants in your house can be overwhelming. Little houseplants are fantastic options. They are cute, easily placed on shelves, little tables, and anywhere you need more cuteness. Create a pretty indoor jungle by layering them together in different sizes. Here are the top 5 cutest of all houseplants for local homes.


Echeveria succulent plants are fan favorites for their beauty, easy care, and low water use. The foliage of most varieties resembles flowers. Baby side plants grow from their mother plants and are easy to cut and transplant from the original for even more tiny plants. They like direct sun and usually grow in dry, hot places, so it’s best to mimic those conditions. Do not overwater these plants. Let the soil dry completely between water. It’s better to under water than to over water! Err on the side of neglect.



Nerve Plant, Fittonia, is another super cute plant. Terrarium gardens are routine for this tiny plant that loves humidity and well-drained soil. Let the top 2″ inches of soil dry between waterings. Prune them if they start to look straggly and they grow fuller. Bring out the vivid foliage colors by growing them in a bright room. They are effortless to grow.



Peperomia Caperata Rosso displays deep red bottom foliage with a textured green top leaf. They are commonly referred to as radiator plants because they enjoy warm drafts, so a spot near a vent or a radiator will be a perfect home for these cuties. This tiny plant is an ideal desk companion as it requires little care and requires little room to grow. Water your plant only when completely dry and mist occasionally to boost humidity.


Pilea Peperomioides are super compact, making them the perfect tiny plant. Often referred to as a Money Plant, often used as a housewarming gift. The miniature versions are offshoots of the mother plant. It’s been said that all Pilea Peperomioides plants can be traced back to one plant. Rotating Pilea so they grow upright and whole. Always plant in a pot with drainage holes! Grown best in a bright room in soil that drains fast.



String of Turtles has tiny trailing leaves that resemble turtle shells. The long tendrils latch onto whatever it is growing on, making a great trailing or climbing plant. Much like an African Violet, this plant prefers water absorbed from the plant’s base to prevent water from splashing onto the foliage. This little cutie likes a lot of light at the bottom of the plant, so overhead office lighting is perfect.

Until next week, I’ll be helping gardeners with cute houseplants here at Watters Garden Center.

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by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener