Cindi Lamb is the owner of Hospice of Yavapai County (HYC). This hospice, unlike others, services the entirety of Yavapai County, just Prescott and Prescott Valley.  Cindi also owns White Rose Hospice in Maricopa County. She comes from a long background in hospice care. Che has spent the last 27 years serving the community and sharing hospice care with families, doctors, clinics and adult care homes across the state.

Over the years, through her work, she has helped to provide hospice care to over 6000 patients. Not only has she seen the important role palliative care played in so many families lives, she too has seen it up close and personal with her very own sister and brother utilizing the services at the end of their lives.

She was born and raised here in Arizona. Her deep roots and knowledge for this community and their needs is like no other. Her passion is bringing education and awareness to families facing end of life decisions. Teaching and sharing this way of care within the assisted living homes has been her biggest accomplishment. Her sister Connie was the first person to bring hospice care into the care homes in 1994 and Cindi followed suit expanding the services to this day and has developed a unique  Home Care Program that serves the owners, patients and families in a beautiful and team-based approach.

Cindi is the recipient of the Access Leader Award and Patient Advocate Award for American Hospice.  Cindi’s son, Jake, helps her run both the Maricopa and Yavapai County hospices. Her husband, John, is a retired Superior Court judge and has served as the Chief Judge for the Yavapai Apache Nation in Camp Verde. He currently serves as the Chief Justice for the Yavapai Nation Apellate Court.

Submitted by Hospice of Yavapai County