Im sure youve heard one or two people say, Hemp CBD doesnt work for me.” While its benefits are widely accepted, it isnt a miracle solution. Like many other medications, it wont always be effective for every user. Some of the reasons are listed below: 

  1. Genetics/Biology:  Hemp CBDs effectiveness is dependent upon how your body interacts with it. People react and absorb medications differently. Some may require lower dosages if they are more sensitive. In women, hormones, like estrogen can cause CBD to be metabolized much faster. If endocannabinoid levels are naturally high in an individual, then they are less likely to feel an added benefit. 
  1. Brand and Dosage:  Make certain you are consuming only the best. Manufacturers should provide 3rd party lab testing. We carry only organic non-GMO, triple lab tested, CO2 extracted (no chemicals involved) oil that is made in a pharmaceutical grade facility. Call our Customer Care service anytime for more information. 
  1. Tolerance Levels:  The body can build up tolerances to Hemp CBD, especially if you are predisposed to genetic factors. You may benefit from eliminating CBD for a few days before starting back up. This may help you consume less per dosage.  
  1. The Entourage Effect:  Some studies show that Hemp CBD works better when used in conjunction with other full-spectrum” cannabinoid compounds like terpenes and flavonoids. While CBD can be very effective on its own, fortifying with other natural ECS components can hemp boost the efficacy of CBD. 

      FIND YOUR SOLUTION AT MY HEALTH ETC: Consider some of the above factors if CBD isnt working for you.  Some users feel results right away, but you may be someone who needs to continue using the product for a period of time to see results. Hemp CBD needs to be taken consistently not just a dose here and there. Make a dosage plan and stick with it. We recommend you start slow and increase until you find your sweet spot” dose. 

My Health Etc has a full selection of products that can help you combat intolerances. Our products are from top-trusted manufacturers, 3rd party tested for highest quality and Certified by the US Hemp Authority. When you come into our Boutique Shop, we will help you form a plan and select the products that will give you the relief you want. We are your hometown Hemp CBD people you can trust. See You There!