The Natural Healing Garden, the gem on Garden Street, has been operating for nine years in the greater Prescott, AZ community.  We are so blessed to have been serving the community and providing massage therapy, natural skincare and more.  Starting off as a one room massage therapy office in a chiropractic setting, the business has expanded to a beautiful wellness center on Garden St.  Literally, The Natural Healing Garden is located at 119 Garden St., just 6 blocks West of the downtown square.  We have over 2600 sq. feet of beautiful and relaxing space.  From Medical Massage therapy, Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), natural skin care, and more, the center treats massage as a gateway to health.  Our Mission Statement is:  It is our mission to help you reconnect with your body, learn to listen to it’s needs and help you on your overall path to wellness.  By following this practice it gives a person a chance to become more connected with their body and helps facilitate the discover process of figuring out what works best in life. What differentiates the center from traditional massage businesses is that our staff is career oriented, gearing their work towards the healing process.  Massage therapy helps to overcome past injuries, work through current injuries, improves circulation and expands range of motion.

We understand that life often brings challenges and hurdles and we are committed to supporting our clients as they overcome each challenge and clear each hurdle. We receive great satisfaction when helping our clients go from limited range of motion from an injured joint to full range motion while teaching them life patterns to avoid re-injury. We believe our therapists use their extensive experience to better prevent our clients from living a life limited by injuries.

In addition to Massage Therapy and Natural Skincare, we offer Goods from the Garden, Catering and Events.  Our catering services have been serving the greater Prescott area for five years.  We offer healthy fusion and pay particular attention to the quality of products we use.  Weddings, Anniversary Parties, Birthdays, Life Celebrations/Memorial, Open Houses and more are our specialty.

We pride ourselves to excellent service and delicious food.

Our commercial kitchen the heart and soul of our catering business.  We are located just south of Bed, Bath and Beyond.  We are so blessed to be part of the mall’s growth and expansion!

By Debbie Maranville