Thank you for your continued patronage of The Honeyman Stores in 2021! There have been several changes in products and vendors at The Honeyman stores in the last half of 2021 and as we move into 2022 that I would like to share with you! I am also happy to point out that all these vendors are Arizona companies!
We still carry raw milk, kefir, and cream from Fond du Lac Farms, but we have also added raw milk from Green Pastures Dairy out of Collidge, AZ. Both are family owned farms that are licensed by the State of Arizona to produce A2 quality, Grade A Raw Milk.
Other new products are from Arizona Desert Rain. They make a Chaparral Body Balm, a Chaparral Bug Be Gone Balm, Chaparral lip balm, Chaparral smudges, and Chaparral tea. According to their website, Chaparral is the oldest living plant, 11,700 years old, and has been used by Southwest Natives for centuries. It’s uses include help for internal ailments, topical skin treatments, as well as a bath or liniment to relieve inflammation.
We connected with a previous vendor, the Fermented Tea Company for their line of Kombuchas. We carry their Prickly Pear, Dragon Fruit and Green Tea Kombuchas. They are now coming to us from the same distributor that delivers the Garden Goddess Beet Kvass and Krauts. Another Arizona kombucha company is Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha. They are located in Cottonwood, Arizona. Their kombucha is made from honey! Some flavors are seasonal, but we carry Raspberry Goji, Blueberry Basil, Blackberry Mint, Mango Ginger and Lavender Love all year round!
The Arizona Cactus Company and Arizona Spice Company are two more Arizona companies that we have carried for several years now. The Arizona Cactus Company make Prickly Pear jelly, syrup and marmalade, Jalapeno jelly, Chipotle Raspberry jelly, Prickly Pear Habanero jelly, Pomegranate jelly and syrup. Arizona Spice Company provides spice mixes and dip mixes that are specially formulated by the company, so they are unique and delicious!
Broken Horn D Ranch is a vendor we have had for a few years now. They provide grass fed Criollo beef, We are anxiously awaiting their next butchering season at the end of January so we can have all the cuts you like available!
I cannot write an article without mentioning Polka Goat Farm Soaps, Fluffs, and Goat Milk Lotions. Korie has gained quite a following over the years with her products! She is currently offering Holiday Scents at a bargain price on most products of $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00. Come in and stock up!
We will be providing more articles regarding our spices and herbs and the year goes on, so stay tuned.
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