The Honeyman and staff want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and thank all of our customers for being such great customers!
To start the year, I would like to acknowledge all our local and Arizona partners and their products that are available at The Honeyman. You can find Polka Goat Farm soaps, fluffs and lotions from Dewey, AZ. Our Colloidal silver is made by Silver Elements and a brand new vendor, Ancient Suds, makes tallow soaps, a tallow shampoo bar and a tallow balm and deodorant. They are both from Prescott Valley, AZ. Orozona Oils, produces CBD tincture products for you and your pets, and Arizona Desert Rain chaparral products include a salve, bug balm, smudge, tea and chapstick. They are both from Camp Verde, AZ. Herb Stop in Pine, AZ produces our 5500 Ft. Tree Mix that all our tree allergy sufferers love!
Raw Milk and Kefir are delivered every other week from Fond du Lac Farms in Casa Grande, AZ, and Broken Horn D Ranch, Grass Fed Criollo Beef products are always stocked in our freezers, they are located in Prescott, AZ. But that’s not all! Garden Goddess located in Scottsdale, AZ produces Beet Kvass (a fermented Beet Tonic) and Krauts (fermented Vegetables). Wild Tonic Jun-Kombucha from Sedona, AZ produces Kombuchas made with honey. Fermented Tea Company (FTC) Kombucha from Tucson, AZ is a family owned company that makes their kombuchas in small batches. Cactus Candy Company offers prickly pear jellies and marmalades, syrups, candies and hot sauces; and Arizona Spice Company with a selection of hot sauces and spicy dip mixes are both out of the Phoenix area.
If you’re looking for a vessel to keep your honey in, one of our own employees is now making Honey Pots. They are a piece of art and they look great!
We appreciate our partnerships with our local and Arizona vendors and are happy to support their small businesses and bring you their quality products. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check these Arizona products out, we hope you will take the time to do so on your next visit to The Honeyman.
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The Honeyman