When you’re recovering from a stroke, a hip or knee replacement, or the after-effects of Covid, you want to know the facility that’s helping you get stronger and healthier has the right mix of caring, professional staff and the tools to get you back on your feet again.   

Good Samaritan Society – Prescott Valley is celebrating 25 years of helping residents of the quad city recover from the curveballs life can throw sometimes.  Whether you need outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation, the team at Good Samaritan will work hard to create a care plan that’s customized to you.   

Good Samaritan continues to build on new ways to improve the patient experience, including converting an unused garden space into a real life therapy room, with sections of cobblestones, flagstones, gravel, ramps, stairs and even a putting green to mimic the textures and obstacles quad city residents encounter each day.   

Director of Rehabilitation Services Jill Vargas said she’s “happy that we have a safe, contained place where people can practice real life skills.   That’s what they’ll be encountering in their lives each day.” 

The Therapy Department staff, along with Administrator Trevor Guthmiller, got together to discuss what could be created. “We needed a safe place to take our patients to work on real, everyday life surfaces and situation,” said Adrian Jantzi, a physical therapist assistant with 25 years of experience.  “Plus, it’s attached to our facility, and is a nice covered space, close to nursing staff, in case a patient needs medical support.” 

The therapy team uses the outdoor rehabilitation space to teach safety and balance strategies and allow patients to practice on difference devices in challenging situations as they work to get healthier and stronger.  

Jantzi recognizes the challenges of living in the quad city area. “Curbs can be really tough, especially the ones in downtown Prescott. There’s nothing to get ahold of as you’re stepping up or down. They need to be high to keep the businesses dry during the monsoon rains, but that makes them challenging to navigate.”   

To find out more about the physical, occupational and speech therapy Good Samaritan provides or information about its long term nursing care in a faith-based, non-profit environment, please visit www.good-sam.com or call 928-775-0045