The Margaret T. Morris Center has a 20+ year history of providing expert dementia care. Every aspect of our building, programming, sensory garden, and medical/wellness oversight is designed specifically to support our residents with Alzheimer’s disease/dementia. 

  • Layout: our neighborhood-style living design allows residents to be seen by their caregivers and see their fellow residents as they come out of their rooms. There are no long empty halls for them to navigate and then end up retreating to their rooms, isolated. 


  • Dining spaces: designed to be small and intimate, each neighborhood has its’ own dining room. Meals are served in a peaceful environment, encouraging nutritious eating as a social ritual. 


  • Colors: as you walk through our community, you will notice warm, welcoming colors with touches of cheerful bright colors to engage our residents. Overall, there is a sense of beauty and calm to reduce agitation. 


  • Surfaces: great thought was put into keeping surfaces safe and comfortable. There is carpeting throughout our living areas; as falls can be a part of dementia, potentially slippery surfaces should be avoided. 


  • Lighting: lighting is important to set the atmosphere. In dementia care, too much bright light can increase agitation. Too dim light and there may be an increase in falls or mishaps. Our building was designed to let in a lot of natural light and we use lighting that mimics natural lighting throughout the building. 

Besides the details of the actual physical place, there is also the extraordinary care provided by certified caregivers and the excellent medical/wellness oversight by our Medical Director and our full-time nurse. Both are on-call 24/7 and there is responsive action to any medical concerns your loved one may have. 

As you look at your options for memory care, think about what is most important for your loved one on a day-to-day basis. They will care about being loved, feeling safe, calm, comforted, and secure. And you will experience peace of mind knowing that your loved one is getting the best possible care! 

Melody Thomas-Morgan Resident Relations Specialist The Margaret T. Morris Center Residential Dementia Care 928-445-6633