Whether we realize it or not, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all around us. It’s an effective tool that most of us wouldn’t have even dreamed of a decade ago. Siri uses AI to access your contacts, identify the name of the person you’re calling, and call their number. Google Maps, E-payments at the bank, and even autocorrect, are examples of how AI helps us in our daily lives. At Dignity Health Yavapai Regional Medical Center, AI technology is being used to support our number one priority: making your experience at Yavapai Regional the best it can be. ERAdvisor and CareAdvisor bring real-time updates on your wait time, appointments, lab results, and much more, directly to your smartphone.
People arriving to the Emergency Departments at Yavapai Regional in Prescott and Prescott Valley are given the opportunity to use ERAdvisor. No sign-up or app download is needed, and it works on any smartphone. Here’s what to expect:
Registration staff asks if you would like to use ERAdvisor during your visit
If you opt-in, staff enters your cell phone number into the system
You receive a welcome message on your smartphone to join ERAdvisor
You click on the link to log in
Once you’re logged in, the dedicated portal gives you access to:
Automatic updates on wait times
Secure sharing with family and friends
Your lab and imaging results
The ability to schedule follow-up visits
In addition, you can communicate with your care team, make requests, and have questions answered. This immediate and enhanced transparency between patients and staff allows for less anxiety and frustration, which helps to make a potentially stressful time a bit easier.
CareAdvisor is offered when you’re admitted to the hospital. The interface is similar to ERAdvisor – you are given a log-in link on your smartphone. No app is needed.
You’ll have real-time access to:
Your health progress
Readiness for discharge
Lab results
An hour-by-hour plan for the day
Reminders on health goals
Educational content
Nurse assessment updates
Yavapai Regional has received overwhelmingly positive feedback for ERAdvisor and CareAdvisor, from both patients and staff. Being empowered with continuing information about your healthcare journey makes you, as a patient, an active participant in your care, which is better for everyone involved.
From Virtually Integrated Care, to state-of-the-art, minimally invasive neurosurgery, to next-generation heart care, innovative technology is here to stay at Yavapai Regional. But there is no substitute for our incredible care team. They’re the finest, most professional people you’ll find anywhere. By supporting our team with the latest technology and innovations in patient care, Yavapai Regional continues to build a better patient experience for everyone in our community.
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