Here are some great things that you can do at home if you begin to experience the symptoms of cold/flu.   As many of you already know, we offer an alternative to the commercially manufactured flu shot.  We have provided our “Natural Flu Shot” for the several years and find it to be very effective to support the immune system and help you naturally combat viruses through the fall and winter season.

Magic Socks:

The warming sock treatment, also known as the “Magic Socks” by many, has numerous benefits when it comes to boosting the immune system and promoting health.  The warming sock treatment is an at-home hydrotherapy treatment best known for its amazing ability to speed recovery from just about anything that ails you!  It is great for children and adults alike.

The therapeutic action of the treatment helps to calm the nervous system, decongest the head and chest areas, and stimulate white blood cell production and immune function to boost healing and repair.

1 pair of cotton socks (at least 60% cotton, thin ankle socks are best)
1 pair of wool socks.
{predominantly synthetic socks will not work}

1.  At bedtime: Wet the cotton socks in cold tap water and wring out really well until they are not dripping, flatten and place in freezer for about 5-10 minutes.
2. After the cotton socks are placed in the freezer, heat up a hot foot bath and soak your feet in hot water for 2-3 minutes or take a hot shower to “warm up”
3. Remove frozen cotton socks from freezer and allow to thaw until you can bend them. Place cold/wet cotton socks on feet.
4. Pull dry wool socks on over cotton socks (as they will help to wick away the moisture during the night).
5. Go to bed and cover up with warm blankets.
6.  While you sleep the “magic” socks will dry as your body has to heat up and increase circulation during the night.  When you wake both pairs of socks should be completely dry.
6. Repeat for 3 nights or until fever and congestion have cleared

It sounds a little crazy, but it’s actually quite soothing and will help promote a good night’s sleep, too. You will wake up with dry, cozy feet…and feeling a whole lot better!

Anti-Plague Formula:
Great for SINUS symptoms/concerns, INFLUENZA, UTI INFECTIONS, and COLDS.
Best taken at first sign of illness throughout duration (take 3-4 T/day in divided doses).
Ideally prepared with fresh, organic ingredients and stored in glass container in the refrigerator.
Can put on a rice cracker, in salsa or hummus, mix in spaghetti sauce (best raw and not cooked), or straight off the spoon in near proximity of food/drink due to strong flavor.
Tweak recipe below to your liking:

Combine equal parts of the following:
White or Yellow Onion
Fresh garlic
Fresh horseradish root peeled and diced
Fresh Ginger

Put in of the above into a food processor/blender and add splash of raw apple cider vinegar to help with blending.
If desired, you can add cayenne powder, turmeric powder or root, and Manuka Honey. Process to a smooth paste consistency, consume, and kill whatever critters ail you.

Gemie M. McLeod, NMD