Hi folks! Ray from Happy Holistic Health! I have something new to pass along that customers are reporting a lot of success with. We’re finding more and more people are using CPAP machines to sleep at night. The CPAP‘s need to use water in them to keep a decent moisture level. Most all CPAP manufacturers recommend A process of daily cleaning. This is because through the process of using it bacteria and viruses can collect in the unit and intern cause variety of different health issues. So at this point I have CPAP users that are letting me know that they are using colloidal silver in the water of CPAP machines and greatly reducing bacteria and viral build ups through the process of using it. That’s not to say that they are not cleaning it consistently what I’m saying is they are using it to help reduce the bacteria and help keep it clean. And it is tasteless and odorless.These customers are also reporting that they’re noticing better breathing ability throughout the day when they use colloidal silver in their CPAP machine during their sleep. if you or someone you know uses A CPAP machine please look into this and pass the information along. it’s also been noted that it works well in spas and hot tubs to keep the bacteria down instead of using chemicals.

Here at Happy Holistic Health we produce 20 part per million colloidal silver to be able to control and maintain quality in the generation process of colloidal silver. We also produce our own due to the ridiculous pricing you will find on the Internet to say nothing of questioning their quality. We make using colloidal silver on a daily basis affordable. Call or stop in today for more information and more about colloidal silver and it’s amazing health benefits. Until next time thanks to all for your wonderful support we appreciate your business.

Be strong, Be brave, LIVE WELL!!!

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