The new Complete Care Partners, a partnership between West Yavapai Guidance Clinic (WYGC) and Spectrum Healthcare Group (SHG), created to provide services for the new diversion program initiated through the Yavapai County Attorney’s Office, announced the hiring of two new staff members: Kyle Newkirk and Erin Ortega.  Complete Care Partners will assist first-time or low-level offenders (ones that are better served outside of the regular court system) with program services. These services include life skills, employment or education gaps, housing and transportation, in addition to substance abuse and mental health treatment.

Kyle Newkirk is coming on board as the Managed Care Coordinator with 10 years of experience as a licensed counselor with a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology.  His experience includes individual and group therapy with an emphasis on substance abuse, and has served as the drug court liaison for WYGC.

Erin Ortega, in the role of Care Manager, has 13 years of experience in community outreach and treatment planning related to social determinants of health (SDOH), and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminology.  Erin also served as a Social Worker for the Yavapai Apache Nation in Camp Verde, specializing in Social Services and as a Correctional Officer with the State of Arizona.

“This exciting new program will use the leverage of the criminal justice system to encourage participation in substance abuse and mental health treatment. The incentive for the offender is dismissal of all charges upon successful completion of the program,” said Yavapai County Attorney, Sheila Polk.

Offenders will be carefully screened by the County Attorney’s office for eligibility and suitability for the program. Participants will then be assigned a care manager through Complete Care Partners, who will assess the client’s needs, and set them up with an individualized program. The length of the program will vary from three to six months to ensure the participant’s success. Successful participants will see current criminal charges dismissed.

Yavapai County is one of the safest regions in the United States,” said Polk. “Studies show that diversionary programs are much less costly than sending a case through the normal court process. This new program will help us keep our streets safe while also giving low-level offenders a second chance at a productive life.”

Founded in 1966, West Yavapai Guidance Clinic helps more than 7,000 people each year with mental health, addiction, physical health care and behavioral health challenges lead heathier lives. WYGC offers high quality, client-centered, and transformative mental health services to the residents of Yavapai County.  As the largest local non-profit provider of behavioral health and crisis intervention services in the County, WYGC is a critical component of the area’s healthcare safety net.

“We are excited be a part of Complete Care Partners as we believe that together with Spectrum Healthcare Group, we will be able to best meet the needs of our communities.  We are pleased to offer a vast array of services that provide an alternative to the criminal justice system.” commented Tamara Player, CEO of West Yavapai Guidance Clinic.

Spectrum Healthcare Group has been present in Yavapai County since 1965, specializing in the whole health needs of our communities.  Services include outpatient behavioral health, residential substance use disorder treatment, primary care (family practice), internal medicine, pain management, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and mobile crisis response.  Spectrum is dedicated to accessible care and provides county-wide healthcare services to all communities.

“Spectrum is thrilled to partner with West Yavapai Guidance Clinic in the delivery of diversion services. Rooted in Yavapai County, we care very much about our community and endeavor to provide the very best services we can. Through Complete Care Partners, we believe Spectrum and WYGC are best positioned to provide comprehensive care to our county. We are honored and grateful to collaborate with Yavapai County Attorney, Sheila Polk, and look forward to the opportunity to serve.” April Rhodes, CEO of Spectrum Healthcare Group.