Hi! I’m Dr. Sweet – Owner of Next Level Functional Health. Thank you for taking a minute to read how we help patients flip the switch on chronic stress with low level violet laser.

Vagus Nerve / Sympathetic / Parasympathetic – What Does All of This Mean?

During the COVID period, we experienced a level of stress we had never experienced. Negative emotions were rampant, frustrations were high, fear was thick. This prolonged stress revved up our sympathetic nervous system – our Fight or Flight response. Our body is supposed to flip back into a parasympathetic state – Rest and Digest – when the threat is over. Unfortunately, for many of us, we never flipped back due to regular chronic stress in our lives. When we get “stuck in sympathetic,” we feel anxious, we do not sleep well, we may lose or gain weight, our gut and bowels get mad at us, our blood pressure can rise and from there, more serious illnesses can develop as we remain in a state of sympathetic nervous system dominance. The vagus nerve is the main component of our parasympathetic nervous system. It travels from our brainstem into the gut. Ever heard of the gut/brain connection?

How Do We Flip Back to a Parasympathetic State?

Stimulating the vagus nerve helps us to cope with chronic stress and calm the body. Daily vigorous gargling, deep, slow belly breathing and finishing your shower with cold water on your head, face and neck are easy exercises you can do at home that stimulate the vagus nerve. In the office, we use our violet lasers to stimulate the vagus nerve! It is well known in the laser community that the violet wavelength stimulates parasympathetic activity and the vagus nerve. Many of our gut/nutrition patients do very well utilizing a combination of low-level violet laser and supplements to help restore balance to the gut and parasympathetic nervous system.

If you feel you are “stuck in sympathetic,” I have multiple tools to help you get back to resting and digesting. We offer a complimentary consultation. Call Julie at our front desk … let’s chat to see if violet laser can help you get back to your feeling like your normal self!!