Can CBD oil help with sleep?  There are several different issues that may impact your sleep: Physical discomfort, anxiety or stress for example.  Sleep is a complex neurological phenomenon.  Your conscious mind may be “turned off” but there are many processes still going on in the brain. There are two categories of sleep, REM and non-REM.  REM is the phase of sleep that occurs when your brain is busy processing the events of the day and recreating certain themes or emotions as dreams.

CBD functions in many different areas of the brain.  One of the primary benefits of CBD is boosting the activity of inhibitory neurons which modulate emotional stimulation, allowing you to “wind down.”  It also reduces inflammation which is one of the primary causes of pain.  Regular usage of CBD oil can help manage these issues and promote better sleep.  If you’re physically uncomfortable, try relaxing your muscles before bed with a topical hemp oil massage.  A soothing cup of decaffeinated CBD tea can help end your day on a peaceful note.

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Submitted by Teri Bryant, co-owner Desert Flower CBD and Wellness

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