Believe it or not, anxiety is a natural healthy feeling, and an important part of our evolutionary defense system.  The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that produces emotional responses to sensory stimuli, and it receives this information before we are consciously aware of it.  The emotions it produces are based on memories rather than logical responses.  Thus, whenever a certain stimulus is associated with a negative memory, the hypothalamus produces feelings of fear and apprehension. When the situation is resolved, serotonin is released to produce feelings of relief and happiness.

How does CBD help with anxiety?  CB1 receptors are the most abundant receptors in the human brain.  They control the rate that neurotransmitters flow into and out of cells.  CBD acts on the CB1 receptors to carry neurotransmitters into and out of the cells more quickly.  A main component of anxiety is that the body doesn’t produce enough serotonin, so the alarm center of the brain goes into overdrive for no apparent reason.  CBD mimics the effect of serotonin as a natural calming agent in the brain.  It inhibits the brain’s center for fear and discomfort, reducing feelings of anxiety and stress.

Researchers are just beginning to understand the full potential of CBD for brain health.  As we learn more about it, more people may be helped.  Desert Flower CBD and Wellness in Prescott Valley specializes in education and quality CBD products from Elixinol and Charlotte’s Web.


Submitted by Teri Bryant, co-owner Desert Flower CBD and Wellness

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