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Happy New Year! People often set New Year resolutions and I thought this would be a great
topic for 2022.

Can marijuana/cannabis eliminate other addictions and habits?
Yes, if you really want to stop an addiction or habit. That means at some point self­
control is required such as, stop buying the item you are addicted to.
Many people find it easier to replace an addiction or habit with something healthier rather-than go “cold turkey”. I have doctors who have told me there is more success when you replace a
behavior instead of just stop a behavior. We have thousands of patients who have stopped
Morphine,Oxycodone, Fentanyl, other medications, street drugs, including heroin, meth, pills,
smoking tobacco, and food addictions using cannabis. Cannabis is a safe alternative to any of those mentioned above.
Cannabis comes in a variety of forms and methods of use. Harvard University and the Institute of Health conducted a study in 2012 to determine if smoking marijuana causes lung cancer like tobacco products. The study concluded people who have never smoked a thing had the most brain, esophageal, and lung cancer of all the test groups. People who smoked cigarettes and
cannabis scored lower than those who never smoked. It has long been suspected marijuana
heals the lungs, and it does. The most dangerous part of smoking anything is the butane lighter. The light heats to 1972
degrees and inhaling the butane and excessive heat is a serious health problem. If you are
going to replace cigarettes, we suggest you use your lighter to light a hemp rope which has a
very low flame and use the hemp flame to light your hemp or marijuana. Vaping is said to be a healthier way to inhale cannabis. Most vape liquids contain PG polyglycol, known to be a lung
irritant. Try to find a vape liquid made with VG because it is water soluble and so are your lungs. Stay away from any vape juice that has MCT coconut oil in it. Our lungs do not do very well
when an oil is inhaled because our lungs are water based, not oil based. You can also find dry herb vapes that are a machine that heats the plant to a very low temperature eliminating smoke.
If you want to get off a hard drug you can find concentrates in the dispensary.
Marijuana/Cannabis concentrates can be inhaled, taken orally, rubbed on skin, sprayed in the mouth, or inserted. It is always a good idea to tell your doctor your plan to stop if you are on
prescription drugs. Patients have shared the experience as cutting ¼ out of a pill when starting cannabis replacement and removing another quarter in 2 weeks. It generally takes 30-90 days to stop an addictive drug using cannabis.
Food addictions are a little tricky as some cannabis will increase your appetite while others
reduce appetite. For nibblers or emotional eaters’ , hemp seeds can be a great replacement. There are many options available to reduce or eliminate bad foods with cannabis foods.
If you would like more personalized help, please visit us at the office on Mondays for a class or schedule a 30-minute appointment with Michelle. We are here to help our community.

Submitted by MJ Consulting LLC as information, not legal or medical advice. We do have doctors that can assist patients with this process.
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