Prescott, AZ



Broken Horn D Ranch is located in Prescott, AZ, Yavapai County.  Dave Pawel & Kim McElroy raise Corriente cattle and produce 100% Grass Fed, Criollo beef on 4,000+ acres.  All the beef comes from animals born and raised on the ranch, spending their days in pastures grazing on native grasses, browse and irrigated pasture.  After calves are weaned at 8 months of age, they spend the next year and a half growing to market weight.  Cattle are handled quietly from horseback and are processed locally at Perkinsville Processing in Chino Valley, an ADA inspected slaughter facility.

Criollo beef comes from cattle of Spanish origin.  These cattle are especially well adapted to the hot, arid Arizona climate.  They are vigorous breeders and are known for their ability to “utilize the country” as well as all available forages.  Criollo cattle are a smaller animal than the traditional English beef breeds and are typically slaughtered at 800 pounds as opposed to 1,200 pounds for English breeds.  Their muscle fibers are fine, like buffalo or elk, making the meat tender and incredibly flavorful.  As grass fed, the beef is not only good, but good FOR you!  Grass fed beef is higher in protein, lower in fat & cholesterol than grain finished beef.

All Broken Horn  D Ranch Criollo beef meets the USDA Standards for Grass Fed,  No Hormones, No Antibiotics and No Animal By Products, ever, for the life of the animal, as independently verified by TechniTrack, LLC.   Kim is also a Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Certified Producer, further verifying the ranch operates by the highest industry standards for humane handling and care of the cattle.  Dave & Kim are passionate about their cattle (and horses), and being good stewards of the land.  The couple works the ranch together with only occasional hired help.  They feel truly blessed to be able to live their dream while providing friends and neighbors a healthy and delicious foodstuff.

A new product offering in 2017 is Brewers’ Grains/Grass Fed Criollo Beef.  Brewer’ grains are spent barley and hops from the brewing of beer.  Brewers’ grains are a great source of protein, TDN, minerals and vitamins.  They are metabolized by cattle like forage, and do not have the negative effects on the rumen that uncooked grain has.   The BHD Ranch uses the spent brewer’s grains from Prescott Brewing Company to supplement the pasture diet of some of their cattle.   These cattle live in large pastures with access to feed troughs containing the brewer’s grains.  They are not confined, and are also antibiotic and added hormone free.  The meat from these animals is a healthy alternative to grain finished beef.

The couple started the ranch in 2002, with just a few deeded acres and a few cows.  By adding State and private leased land and more deeded, they have expanded every year.  Not all of the ranchland is contiguous so time is spent hauling horses to the various pastures to check on the cattle.  An added benefit from this unique ranch operation is the cleaning up of previously overgrown vacant lands, reducing fire hazard, keeping waterways clear and improving the soil with manure. Dave and Kim feel strongly about keeping their business local and supporting other local businesses, from their feed suppliers, to their meat processor, to their banner printer!

Broken Horn D Ranch Criollo Beef is available in individual cuts such as steaks, roasts and ground beef. All grass fed beef is not the same; the Broken Horn D Ranch asks you to take the “Criollo Challenge” and compare!   Purchases can be made at the Prescott Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning, Prescott Valley on Tuesday afternoons and Chino Valley on Thursday afternoons, or by making an appointment to come out to the ranch headquarters. Deliveries are also made weekly to convenient drop off locations; simply call the ranch to place your order.   Whole and half animals are available for custom processing.  Contact the ranch at 928-708-9385 or